February 22, 2018

My 3 Favourite Volume Indicators for Stock Trading

Volume Spike

If you already have a primary indicator or system which is going to form the basis of when and where you will enter and exit your Trade Positions, chances are your going to want some secondary … [Read more...]

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends #3 – Price Chart Indicators


So you have already defined in your Trading Plan what type of trade setups you are going to target... But the truth is, your going to need a combination of both Price Charts with Chart Overlays , … [Read more...]

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends #2 – Chart Overlays


When conducting your Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, the first thing you need to decide is what Chart Type you will use. Whether you use Bar Charts or Candlestick Charts you are going to want to … [Read more...]

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends #1 – Chart Types


As a Stock or Options Trader the quest to find the right entry point is best done with the use Technical Analysis of Stocks Trends. Whether you are a Trend Trader or Non Directional Trader, the use of … [Read more...]