February 19, 2018

Forex Interval Trading System- ‘Sneak Peak’ review

Over the last week, I have been fortunate enough to be given a  'sneak peak' at the soon to be released Forex Interval Trading System home-study, which has been created by Scott Downey from BigTrends.com .

In case you aren't aware, Scott is an experienced forex trader, who has been the Director of Research at BigTrends.com over the last 2 years, where he oversees much of the research for the Bigtrends portfolio recommendation services. Both Scott Downey and Bigtrends have many years of expertise of trading with leverage in both Stock Options and Forex.

BigTrends also has many of its own proprietary in-house trading techniques and indicators, and has enjoyed a long history in the Trading Education industry since 1999, after being originally founded by 'Trading Hall of Fame Member' Price Headley.

So lets get into the product review of Forex Interval Trading System to see what is included:

Forex Interval Trading System

  • 7 FIT System DVDs
  • 7 FIT System On-demand Videos- for access via Ipad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • 4 Live Expert Coaching Classes
  • 12 months Email Support
  • 100 Page Guidebook
  • Forex Blueprint

So what is in the Forex Interval Trading System DVD set?

  • DVD 1- Introduction - Sets the expectation of what the Forex Interval Trading System is, why it is different to most Trading Systems, and how the Home-study is structured. It gives you a general Forex market overview, explaining the advantages of forex, and some common mistakes that forex traders make. For beginners, this disc is a must. (75mins)
  • DVD 2 - Creating a Forex System - This disc comprehensively covers what is needed in a successful Forex Trading system, and why it is needed, including the questions you need to answer before you even start trading forex. As well as what drives the Forex markets, forex terminology, and how you can narrow your focus to get the best results. (68mins)
  • DVD 3 - Core Training - In this DVD, Scott introduces you to the primary indicator, which is all about identifying emerging trending phases, which also helps you to avoid range bound price action. He clearly defines both Bull and Bear setup and confirmation criteria. (42mins total with 29 mins of Chart demonstration examples)
  • DVD 4- Strength of Trend Training - While DVD 3 was all about identifying emerging trends, this disc is about helping you focus on the best entry signals, which are showing Strength of Trend signs. By using a filtering indicator that meets a set criteria, you filter entry signals that are not high quality in seconds. (41mins total with 31 mins of Chart demonstration examples)
  • DVD 5 - Resistance Training - Exits - Once in a trade, you need to know how to manage your Exit Strategy, this disc covers this area in detail. With an indicator that a 5 year old could follow, you can know exactly when to take profits or when to exit your position all together. (30mins total with 20 mins of Chart demonstration examples)
  • DVD 6 - Bring it all together - As the DVD title suggest, this disc is all about bring the key elements of the Forex Interval Trading System together, being the Core, Strength, and Resistance. Although this system is purely based on Technical setup and confirmations, Scott also talks about the Major Fundamental Events you need to be aware of, and how they effect the currency market and global economies. (83mins total with 65 mins of Chart demonstration examples)
  • DVD 7 - Sharpen your Edge - The final disc of the FIT system is all about the other skills and knowledge a Forex Interval Trader needs to go from average, to excellent Forex trading results. Scott covers in detail, Money Management Strategies for managing your positions and capital, as well as ways to manage your emotions and continuously improve the execution of your Forex Trading Plan. (49mins total)

10 Benefits of the Forex Interval Trading System

In recent years, Trading Forex has become increasingly popular amongst traders, but the truth is about 95% of traders struggle to breakeven. So Scott has created this complete Forex Trading product that offers the following benefits:

  1. FIT SystemMechanical Forex Trading Blueprint based on Technical Analysis.
  2. High-probability Entry and Exits signals.
  3. No software involved.
  4. Operates on Daily and or Intra-day Charts.
  5. Teaches you how Forex Markets operate & which currency pairs to focus on.
  6. Strategies to manage your capital with Money Management Rules and Positions Sizing Techniques.
  7. Strategies to limit your exposure to leverage.
  8. Methods to manage your trading emotions.
  9. System can be learnt in less than 48 hours
  10. After mastering the FIT system, analyze and place trades once a day with less than 5 minutes a day.

Scott has recorded a small video message about the FIT system here.


I've been reviewing the FIT system product over the last week, and I am intending to put this system to the test over the coming months. So stay tuned, as I will keep you up-to-date with the progress.

Bigtrends like to offer coaching with many of their Trading Education products, to ensure their students enjoy the best experience and success, and the Forex Interval Trading System is no different. They are offering the choice of either DVD Home-study + Coaching for $797 or just the DVD Home-study only for $597.

I have been quite impressed with strategies and level of information, that with the right dedication, can prepare the trader for trading with leverage in the forex market, and help shorten the time to achieving Forex success. I think this product is excellent value for money, especially when combined with support & coaching, and a 45-day Money-back Guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Click here for more info on the Forex Interval Trading System


Cade Arnel

Trend Hunter

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  1. This forex interval trading system looks like great value. I am already a member of another program, but will pass this on to someone who is interested in forex trading.

  2. Hi Cade

    The system looks to be worthwhile.
    I’ll look forward a review after your testing.


  3. That is a huge system, a lot of content, I might have to buy it to check it out!

  4. Hello Cade,

    Heaps of information here on the Forex Trading System DVD set – and its great the support that is offered if you wish to purchase the whole package. Be great to hear how you go with the program, and what works for you.

  5. Hi Cade,
    WOW a comprehensive package is being offered here . Anyone wanting a head start in the forex arena This is the package they require. It is so important to get the education first before diving into trading.

  6. Hi Cade

    Certainly looks like you’ve got some great information there on forex trading. I like the idea of investing in the stock market, with the potential of huge returns it keeps me very interested in looking into forex in the future. Thanks for your article.

  7. Jaimee Maree says:

    Hi Cade,

    Love the article. Amazing how big foreign currency trading is at the moment, had several conversations with friends of mine that are investment bankers and although I’m no professional they have all said that Forex currency trading is where people should be investing their money at the moment because things are still quite volatile. My background is in marketing but my family are involved in forex and swear by it. Graphs and numbers just aren’t really my forte, but training programs like this one always help people to understand it!! Thanks for the article though!


  8. Thanks so much for sharing some information about Forex trading.This fact is true to every business or activity you wish to venture into. Without the proper know-how, you don’t know what you’re going to go up against, and so therefore, you will fail!

    I will be back for more readings.
    Cheers, Tina

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