February 22, 2018

Free Trading Plan Template

As you may already be aware, Trading is a real passion of mine. And the reason why I started this website is ......To help other Traders become successful in Trading the Stock Markets. Apart from … [Read more...]

Trading Daily Routine Checklist – Are you ticking the boxes – Part 2


Being prepared for the days stock market trading is a must... Especially if you want to be successful in the markets. So what are the important items to include on your Trading Daily Routine … [Read more...]

Traders Daily Routine Checklist – Are you Ticking the boxes – Part 1


Many Traders wander aimlessly through their trading day, taking new trade positions on the fly, just because it “feels right”, especially in the excitement of the moment when the price is moving … [Read more...]

Trading System Review – Measure & Improve

trade equity curve

With Stock Market Trading we must always be on a path to Learn & Improve. Too be Green and Growing, so to speak... A Trading System Review is the best way to constantly monitor if your … [Read more...]

Boost your Success with your Trading Success Profile


What is a Trading Success Profile, do I here you say.... And what has it got to do with creating your own Written Trading Plan.... A Success Profile is simply a list of attributes, answers or … [Read more...]