January 22, 2018

Open Trade Review – You know it makes Cents


One topic that often is glossed over when creating your Written Trading Plan, is Open Trade Review. Maybe some traders think they can just do it on the fly, without to much thought and she'll be right … [Read more...]

Boost your Trading Success with the Risk Reward Ratio


You may have heard previously about the Risk Reward Ratio......  well what does that mean, I hear you say. Well the Risk to Reward Ratio is a ratio between the pre-defined Risk in a Trade and the … [Read more...]

Balance Your Risk with Trading Money Management


When creating your Written Trading Plan, one topic that must be included is your Trading Money Management. This is because good money management can really boost the performance of any trading system … [Read more...]

What’s your Trade Order Management Plan

options order form

When piecing together your Trading Plan, one area you need to put some thought into, is how you will execute your Trade Order Management, especially if you don't have time to sit down to trade during … [Read more...]

Trading Plan – Defining your Trade Exit Methods

Trade Exit Methods

When creating your Written Trading Plan, two of the most important things you will need to include are your Trade Entry Method and your Trade Exit Methods. As with every trade entry there must be a … [Read more...]