February 22, 2018

Stock Market Education

If you want to be successful Trading the Stock Markets, then there is no doubt you need to lay the foundation, by get a Stock Market Education.

From my experience there are no shortcuts to learning how to trade the markets. The reality is, you could spend a lifetime stumbling along trying to learn on your own, and still not be successful, or you can use a Stock Market Expert to lay the knowledge foundation with a quality Stock Market Education, in a fraction of the time.

I personally have gone though both free and purchased education packages and experienced the roller-coaster of the stock markets. I have also seen all the sales pitches of these so-called amazing trading systems and education packages.

What Education and Strategies to Learn?

Stock Market EducationWhether your a newbie to Stock Market Trading or you've been trading a while, there are some questions you need to answer before you can determine what type of Stock Market Education is best for you.

The Stock Market is such a vast subject to teach, from Stock Market Basics, Options Market, Forex Market, Technical Analysis,  Options Strategies, Trade Management , Trader Psychology & how to develop your Written Trading Plan, just to name a few. There certainly is plenty of free stock market education on the internet to help you build your knowledge to a point, where you can determine what type of Trading you want to specialize in. Just google "Free Stock Market Education" to see what I mean.

  1. Where am I at with my own Stock Market Education. Beginner or Intermediate?
  2. How much time can you devote to Learning and Trading. Do you want to Day Trade, Swing Trade or Long-Term Trade?
  3. What market do you want to Trade in? (Local Stock Market, US Stock Market, Forex, Commodities, etc)
  4. Do you want to trade Stocks or Leveraged Instruments? (Options, CFD's, Futures contracts)
  5. What type of Strategies do you want to learn?

Find the Right Stock Market Education.

Nasdaq Stock MarketHow do you find the right Stock Market Education? The market is flooded with a variety of stock market courses from so-called Stock Market Experts, so you really need to do your research, to get the right stock market education.

Its worth noting that many Stock Market Educators make more money from selling their product than they do from trading, if they trade at all. So its worth doing some research before you spend your hard earned cash on your share market education, just like you would before entering a trade.

Research the Stock Market Educator.

When sounding out a particular company, and the Stock Market Educator has finished giving you their pre-canned sales pitch or presentation, it pays to ask some well directed questions, such as:

  1. Are you currently trading yourself?
  2. Are you using the strategies you teach yourself?
  3. How Successful are your students?
  4. What Support do you offer with your Education package?
  5. Do you stand behind your product, do you have a 30-day money back Guarantee.
  6. Do you have contact details of 10 of your most recent successful students? (Anyone can manufacture testimonials)

When asking these questions, you can tell a lot about how the answers are delivered. If there is no hesitation, you're likely to be on the right track to finding the right Stock Market Education package. Also don't be pressured into making a decision because of a limited time offer. The Stock Market will always be there when you are ready...


  1. There certainly are hundreds of stock market education packages available. Sorting the quality providers from the rogues is a tough ask, but your questions do a good job at uncovering the genuine ‘helpers’ from the less helpful. When in doubt you can also Google the education program to see whether any past or current students have had any problems – bearing in mind that there are always going to be some bad experiences. It’s only when you uncover lots of bad experiences that your alarm bells should be truly ringing.

    • Trend Hunter says:

      Hi David,
      Yes unfortunately there are some educators out there that are pushing inferior products. Your right, googling the education program is a great way to get some feedback from other past students, good or bad.

  2. I love how you say “Its worth noting that most Stock Market Educators make more money from selling their product than they do from trading”. I have often suspected this. I look forward to getting more honest down to earth information from you. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing such honest and valueable information. I agree there is a lot of educational material available and it can be very difficult finding the right course. You have given me much to think about and be aware before purchasing. Thankyou.

  4. This is great advice about getting a stock market education, especially the part about not being pressured by limited time offers.

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